A Possible World

Trying not to be part of the problem.

Weekend Linkdump

Just some things that have caught my attention this week.  Explore and enjoy.

Harvesting Sage and Feeding Worms

The sage I nabbed from the park last month has now well and truly tried, so today I harvested it.  I now have myself a nice little bowl of dried sage, to add to soups and any other recipe I like.

Mr Spock and the Cat Police

How overthinking the meaning of cat ownership may have made me sociopath, and other musings.

Local Democracy (Part Two)

In which I start to hassle my newly elected representative...

A Quick Celebration of the Butternut Squash

My apologies for my recent lapse in blogging.  It's something I intend to get back into the swing of this weekend.  In the meantime, I'd like to invite you to take a few moments to celebrate with me the wonders of butternut squash.

Herbs and shoots

It's been very satisfying to be able to pot this cutting this afternoon. I took it from the parent plant a few weeks ago, not really sure if it would do anything or not, but it sprouted a healthy young root system in the water, which has been now begging for earth. I obliged.

Making Bonemeal While Vegan

Sometimes I work in a cafe.  This cafe is not vegan, but I am.  I actually quite enjoy working there: it pays minimum wage, the other people who work there are cheerful and straightforward, you do the job, you clean up, and you go home.  It's simple and (the non-vegan-ness notwithstanding) you're doing some good for the world.  The cafe belongs to the organisation I work for on a slightly more regular basis in a bureaucratic capacity, which is a care provider for people with disabilities.  The customers at the cafe are service users and their carers, so you meet some interesting people and don't have to deal too much with the "general public", which is something I'm not very good at and really do not enjoy.  Sometimes I feel more fulfilled, making Christmas cards with the mentally ill...