There's this thing I do every New Year's Eve, I don't really know why.  What I do is I pick a "resolution" spontaneously, and stick to it whether I like it or not.  It's an exercise in self-discipline, or something like that.  It doesn't really matter why, it's just this thing I do.  I don't do it every year, so I suppose it isn't really that disciplined.  Also I don't always stick to it (likewise).  Some resolutions are easier to keep to than others.  In 2002 for example, my resolution was to wear a suit every day.  I did fairly well here; I recall it was about September before I first neglected to wear a tie.  In 2003 my resolution was to eat a tuna sandwich (or baked potato) whenever I felt like it.  This was easier to stick to, and I was a success.  In 2004-5, I lost my mind, which may or may not be related.  I was a student.  Good times.

Spring Onions: The gift that keeps on giving

I've had these spring onions for several months now.  They're a food you can regrow seemingly indefinitely from 'scraps'.  Just keep the stalks in water next to a window, and they'll regrow themselves to about half their original length every couple of weeks.  There's actually quite a few other edibles you can regrow - next experiment: broccoli - so far with no results perhaps because of the time of year, or maybe I'm just impatient - and it's a very satisfying thing to do.  A few tips I've learned from regrowing spring onions:

1.  Stalks should be about two inches long.  Occasionally you may need to peel off the outer layer.
2.  Refresh the water each time you cut the onions.
3.  Keep the water (and the roots) out of direct sunlight, in a cup rather a glass, as pictured.

It's interesting to speculate how it might be possible to live entirely off scraps of regrown food.  As with so many other things I've been learning about this year, I'm forced to ask myself: why aren't we all doing this?