"I have everything I need"

Say these words to yourself, right now: "I have everything I need".  I'm confident that if you're reading them (maybe on your smartphone?) it's probably true.  You have everything you need.

The discipline and joy of living in the moment, however you understand this already clichéd idea, is intimately connected with this one: you have everything you need.  You don't need that phone upgrade.  You don't need that package holiday.  You don't need that new handbag.  Whatever it is, if you think you need it, and it costs money, you almost certainly don't.  You want those things. There's nothing wrong with wanting things, but to remember the difference between that and needing them is essential. Consider the gulf between what you want and what you need.  How wide is it?  Is it worth crossing?  Why?  And how will you know when you've made it?  And then what?

Are you afraid of boredom?  How does boredom make you feel?  Does boredom have to be a negative experience?

Stop asking so many questions!


Do you feel as if you always have to be doing something?  Why?  What happens when you stop doing things?  Do you get bored?  How long does it take you to get bored?  How long can you concentrate on one thing at a time?  Do you sometimes find it difficult to concentrate?  Why?

Say these words to yourself: "I have everything I need".  Even if they're not true, say them anyway.  See where it takes you.