Trying not to be part of the problem.

A Walk in the Park

Never overlook the joy that might be found right on your front doorstep.  I popped out just now to old school spam some local letter boxes with OLIO leaflets (sorry?) and found myself wandering down a street adjacent to the side of Clarence Park, only to discover said park is quite considerably larger than I realised.  Hey, it's only been seven months since I moved here.

So I had myself a wander.

I had no idea these spots even existed.  And yet they do.

I like parks.  Parks are nice.

Some parts of the park are nicer than others, of course, but then, that's true of all parks.  There are no perfect parks.  Parks are reality.  In the part of the park nearer to my flat is one of the less impressive parts, which perhaps had something to do with why I'd neglected to explore it much before today - an apparently abandoned 'sensory garden'.

It's not what probably once was, but amid concrete and clay and general decay, as they say, nature must still find a way.  And it's found a way to make the most of these impressive sage bushes:

There's mint, as well, defying the will to weed, as mint is wont to do:

So I helped myself to a few cuttings...

...which I trimmed and repotted, making them mine:

I'm feeling good about all this.  Who knows what you might be living right next door to?  Maybe stop gawping at your phone for half and hour and go and find out.  I don't mean that as a criticism of you.  I'm talking to myself.